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Our award-winning solutions deliver on important aspects of Safety, Security, Comfort, Convenience, Energy Efficiency and Operating Efficiency that are important in these segments. Google Home & Amazon Alexa voice control are also offered by Shretechno. We are pioneers in offering solutions with wireless, wired or hybrid connectivity to suit new construction and existing spaces with the best range, reliability, economy and with the least disruption to the customers during deployment.

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Address: Delhi, NCR, India

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Your smart home by Shretechno


Who are we?

ShreTechno is a service provider in the field of Home Automation & IOTs with a mission to be the leading Group for a smarter era of living. We have started in 2018 and we are now among the top home automation companies.

In this era of Digital India, everything is getting digital, so why not our homes?. Products used for home automation only use a little bit of internet and give you a carefree life. You can control your home and appliances from anywhere anytime with us. In other words, your home is secured and monitored with just a single click on your smartphone.


We are focused to provide Society a better and happier life than before!! With these automated products, 99% of our day-to-day difficulties can be reduced. And people can feel Secure and Happy!!
Smart Management!
Smart Appliances!
Smart Home!
Smart You!


Our Vision is to make a change for better, to evolve and to involve. ShreTechno provide best automation solutions with customization. We have started to serve our customers with full zeal and honesty.  Give us a call to discuss your project needs, get free automation advice, or even to help brainstorm an idea.
In Conclusion, Allow us the opportunity to better serve you and help solve your building performance challenges.

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