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What is Home Automation?

Ever been fascinated by Tony Stark aka Iron Man asking Jarvis to get him a glass of water? From reading texts messages to switching off lights, from getting the right water temperature to setting automatic alerts, Jarvis was just a command away. Well you can have a Jarvis in your home too and he will do as you wish (not like controlling your wife or kids for sure). As futuristic as it may sound, it’s a closer reality than before and is here to stay and make our lives more convenient and smarter. A Smart Home System is technological system that enables you to automatic the bulk of electrical, electronic and sensor based tasks. Too rocket science to understand? Here you go little chap – A Smart Home is house fitted with the latest generation technological advancements in order to automate basic and complex daily tasks. Still didn’t get it? It’s just to make you feel a good & tech geek while you be that relaxed lazy potato 😀
Devices within the home automation system connect and communicate with each other over a local wireless or wired network. So what’s smart about connecting everything physically? A smart home automation system has remote monitoring and programming. Once these are connected to a network you can control them from a single location (phone, tablet or PC). Electrical systems and individual plug points, like switches and electrical outlets, are also integrated into the home automation networks enabling you to take greater control over each nook and corner of the house. In a smart home you will be able to control entertainment systems, appliances, lighting and climate etc. and include security systems with remote access to cameras and various sensors.

How can you make your home Smart?
One way to do it is to have smart people in the house but as its said too many chicken spoil the broth. So you may have only a bunch of smart geeks in. Choosing to automate your home requires the following steps –
1. Identify all electrical appliances.
2. Check for all security cameras and alarm sensors
3. Choose individual plug points in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, washroom etc.
4. Make a complete list of tasks to automate
5. Draft a list of products needed
6. Search online
7. Have a glass of water and breathe
8. Contact us @ 7011198809
9. See step 8
10. Follow Step 9
11. Missed Step 10?
Monitor and control all electronic and electrical right from your smartphone. Do you need to stay at home to do it? No, you can access the system remotely from your office seat or the vacation home in the hills. Smart Home Automation is a step towards what is referred to as ‘Internet of Things’, in which everything has an assigned IP address, and can accessed and monitored remotely. No, you cannot find your lost sock or wallet, better call mom for that. The Smart Home Automation can be programmed to send alerts and texts messages based on different kinds of events in and out of the house. Like a push notification and text message whenever your security system detects a potential problem. An alarm when the house door has been left open or when you have  left the water heater on at home. Basic daily routines can be programmed like a simple Good Morning command will open the window blinds, switch on the lights and water heater, read out the morning news, turn on the coffee maker etc. but it will not throw water on you even after you repeatedly snooze the alarm. We have smart computers, smart phones, smart TVs, smart appliances and the next big thing is Smart Homes. All these smart devices connected together constitute a Smart Automated Home. We are all busy multitasking and handling daily chores, home is where you relax and a smart home is where you relax even when you work. The list is not comprehensive as technology is ever expanding and here to make our lives much more comfortable and secure. Oh did we mention that all this can be done with voice command using Alexa or Google Assistant? Stay Tuned!

Control Home with Alexa/Google Home
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