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Shretechno Smart Home is a growing ecosystem for building the high-quality life with health, comfort and convenience. Via controlling and automating connected devices and appliances, Shretechno Smart Home bring you a comfortable and convenient home. Home is controlled in your hand.

Control from Anywhere

You can control all devices from anywhere, be it office or out of station with just one click on your smartphone, tablet or smart watch.

Automation for Ultimate Convenience

It is very easy and convenient to use automated devices. You can schedule the timers for connected devices to let them start/stop work automatically.

Create Scenes

Multiple devices can be connected and controlled with a single command. For example, with saying ‘‘Bye’’, it will turn all the working devices to stop working.

Energy Efficient home

You can monitor the power consumption of the devices and the appliances, and can reduce it, which in turn will make your home an energy-efficient home.

Wireless and hassle-free connection

These devices are connected with a hub which needs internet to work properly. But in case, your internet connection goes down or you have no remote access you can still manually control your devices on the smart products themselves.

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