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Our award-winning solutions deliver on important aspects of Safety, Security, Comfort, Convenience, Energy Efficiency and Operating Efficiency that are important in these segments. Google Home & Amazon Alexa voice control are also offered by Shretechno. We are pioneers in offering solutions with wireless, wired or hybrid connectivity to suit new construction and existing spaces with the best range, reliability, economy and with the least disruption to the customers during deployment.

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Home Automation is suitable for the smart upgrades of traditional electrical appliances, Small-sized, they are installed in switch boxes, saving the trouble of replacing existing devices such as switches, sockets, lights, and electrical appliances. Diversified product forms, such as light control switch, Two-way switch, curtain switch, dimmer switch, and fan switch, are provided to meet different household requirements. Control by many people One admin account for one family and admin can share or give access to family members or friends with specific access authorities and also sub-account can be easily created for family members or friends.


Away from home? Watch who are visiting your home. No matter where you are, you get all the updates and alerts. Our motive is to keep you connected to your home.

Wireless and retrofit

Control all your appliances through your phone, from any part of the world. Turn off/on the appliances, schedule custom scenes, create themes, and many more.

No Rewiring

Be it a new project or renovation, our products are ready to fit without any need of rewiring. We redefine the way you interact with your home to bring you an ultimate Shretechno smart home experience.

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